Testimonial to Allan H Bowermaster (1931-2017)
Founder & Owner of Metro Market Studies (MMS), passed away suddenly but peacefully on May 1, 2017 in Tucson, AZ.  

We at Metro Market Studies will truly miss our beloved owner.  Allan created MMS in the 1960’s in New York.  He and his wife Barbara of 50+ years had ran the business. When each of his five children came along, they too helped out in the business stuffing envelopes and licking stamps. Yes, child labor, but that was Allan: so full of life and yet so passionate in whatever his endeavors were.  

Allan was a pilot, boat enthusiast, a loving husband, a super father and grandfather, very generous and helped found the Boston Ronald McDonald House.   

I have known and worked alongside Allan and his wife personally for many years.  I watched his family grow up and listened to as many stories as I could!
When I first met Allan, he told his wife (me many years later) "with her credentials, she will never stay long"! Well…I did and he mentored me for 18 years, grooming me to take the helm of Metro Market Studies and to manage all aspects of the business as he had.  I am so honored to continue in his footsteps to keep Metro Market Studies up and running per his wishes.

Allan was not only an entrepreneur but a great mentor and a true friend.  We   have all learned so much from him.  We at MMS know how proud he was of all his “assets” that make the business what it is today.

He has been an inspiration not only to me and to all those that do or have worked with him.

Allan was truly the best leader a person ever could have had. We will miss you.

With great respect,  

Jo-Ann Couchman
The Metro Market Studies Staff


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