2020 Convenience & Dollar Distribution Analysis & Guide

2020 Convenience & Dollar Distribution Analysis & Guide

Introducing the brand new Convenient & Dollar Distribution Analysis & Guide, an in depth version of two types of stores yet over the past few years have grown similar and the format is the same as our other editions. Strong merger and acquisitions remain the key trend. AND key players from the United Kingdom and China have emerged into the states.

Our market share figures have long been regarded as the most accurate and up to date by the senior executives who use them.

We at Metro Market Studies have predicted the increase in Groceries within the convenient and dollar stores. That these small entities are becoming more and more popular, not only for size but convenience of shopping.

  • Dollar General has increased sales by 8.3% in the first Qtr. of 2020. Plus have added 12,000 cooler doors to their stores.
  • Dollar Tree has increased their sales by 2.2% overall and continue to build and convert stores.
  • Even Macy's (department stores) are getting in on the band wagon creating small concept stores within their Dept. stores.
  • The Smaller concept is becoming the new "IT" factor in the grocery business.

What's Included:

  • Most current company evaluation. Updated yearly.
  • Over 400 Metropolitan Markets (See list below).
  • Over 500 Micro Markets (Download/CD Only. See list below).
  • Over 200 TV Markets (See list below).
  • County Definition.
  • Population.
  • Market Statistics.
  • Methodology And Suggestions For Use Of The Guide.

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