Multiple Year Pricing

Multiple Year Pricing

Purchase  multiple years of our popular Grocery and Drug Store Distribution Analysis and Guide's at ONE time.

The Multiple-year GUIDE's provide a complete analysis of the grocery and/or drug retail industry to your companies specific choice of years. 

The Guide can be used to evaluate and enable sales results, potential market expansion, test market selections, real estate prospects, territorial glances, the effect of Distribution Gaps, and other uses compatible to meet your company specific needs.

Every year many dramatic changes take place in the Grocery and Drug retail Business. In our “What’s New” section provides a few examples of some of the changes, Our “GUIDE” includes these significant changes up to the moment of publication giving you a complete year of data.

Our market share figures have long been regarded as the most accurate and up to date by the senior executives who use them.

Special Projects with custom data are available, please contact us for more information.

What's Included:

  • 2005 thru 2023 available
  • Hundreds of Metropolitan Markets or as many MSA's per year within that specific year.
  • Hundreds of Micro Markets (2005 and newer)
  • 100+ TV Markets or as many TV markets per year at within that specific year.
  • Digital Download in Excel Format (.xls).
    Download Sample Excel File
  • County Definition.
  • Population.
  • Market Statistics.
  • Maps To Help Guide You Through Overlap Areas.
  • Methodology And Suggestions For Use Of The Guide.