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2020 has been a real challenge among the grocery and drug industry. Many companies had upper Management changes, to many to count. 2021 and beyond will become a "Multi-level" and flexible atmosphere within the retail grocery and drug industry. Where nobody really knows what the future will bring until "normality" becomes part of our lives again.

The Grocery and Drug Industry continue to streamline by reexamining within with loyalty programs, better replenishment via robotics (Walmart); with biometric to palm readers transactions; continual driverless cars; curbside pickup; hydro-ponics; hyperlocal focus (Leevers); customer needs/service and vertical farming in stores. Instacart, cleanliness, masks, 6' distancing and Plexiglas have become part of the retail industry.

Due to the ambiguity within each market, many companies are back to their CORE business using Macroeconomics. Making sure that the customer feels they receive the best quality/quantity for the price.

The largest addition of pre-made, plant based, and ethnic foods have increased in all product lines. Purchasing companies to aid in production of products or replenishment. Deli's have gone from "chef bot" to "gourmet chef". All to entice larger baskets each visit.

Here are some highlights into our 2021 editions:

2021 Grocery Distribution Analysis & Guide

  • Online Shopping has exploded by 7 to 10 times from previous years in many companies.
  • Raley's created a new market concept called O-N-E, opened 3 new stores and grew 7x in online shopping.
  • United National Foods acquired Minnesota based CUB foods.
  • Kroger is experimenting with robotics, reestablishing their CORE business. Replacement store in Brownsburg, IN. Opens new store in Atlanta doubling the stores size. Relocates the Mid-Atlantic Division from Roanoke to Richmond, VA.
  • Amazon-has expanded Fresh Market into the northeast. While Whole Foods continue to expand into TN and WY.
  • Target increased their availability of fresh and frozen foods. Will continue growth in a small format concepts. Reported comps sales rose 17.2% in Nov. and Dec.
  • Publix continues to growth northward despite lock downs. Has ranked #1 Supermarket in America. Opened 4th store in South Fulton County, GA.
  • Ahold purchased Fresh Direct a delivery service to have their online business. Closed their Midwest Pea Pod operation. Giant opened its 2nd new Fairfax County Store. Food Lion acquires 62 stores from Southeastern Grocers (Bi-Lo & Harveys Supermarkets), to be converted to Food Lion Banner and opens new store in West Columbia, SC.
  • Walmart continues to be the dominate retailer with over 11,000 US stores, doubling their staff & pick up market. Using drones for delivery and robots for warehouse staff. Increasing sales online by 97-100% over last year. Expands trial for autonomous box trucks.
  • Albertsons - ACME acquired 27 Kings Food and Balducci's Stores. Safeway opens a new store in Washington, DC. since 2014. Tom Thumb opens 56K sq ft new store in Dallas, TX.
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2021 Drug Store Distribution Analysis & Guide

The following list includes a very few of the significant changes that have occurred in the drug store industry in the past few months.

  • CVS continues to purchased smaller companies, acquired Schnucks pharmacy's and continues to open Latino based chain called Pharmacy y mas chain, to 90+ locations across CA, FL, NV, OK, TX and PR. Plans to increase company's Health Hub concept to 1500 hubs by the end of 2020.
  • Walgreens continues to build hundreds of full-service primary care clinics located at its stores. 1st Qtr of 2021 sales increase of 5.7%.
  • Walmart... Opens clinics in 3 Supercenters in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, opened Walmart Heath Centers in GA and AR. With plans to roll out more Walmart Health Centers in FL, IL, and GA.
  • Amazon... online pharmacy wishes to gain market share away from the three stated above. Stating that consumers will be able to save nationwide. Really?
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2021 The Convenience Store Distribution Analysis & Guide

  • There are over 152,000 convenient stores in the U.S. down .3% from last year.
  • Acquisitions continue with Texas leading the path with the most convenience stores locations of over 15K, CA with 12+K, FL with 9+ KY, etc.
  • 7-Eleven acquired Speedway.
  • Couche Tard and Cross America partnered and accomplish an asset swap.
  • BP west coast acquired AMPM convenience stores.
  • Amazon continues to roll out GO Market.
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2021 The Dollar Store Distribution Analysis & Guide

  • Dollar Tree. and Family Dollar focused on opportunity, of the market. Opening, closing and remodeling stores. Opened two more warehouses, TX and FL to service the south and southwest.
  • Dollar General ramps up their remodeling with emphasize on food (fresh produce) and consumables. While creating 'pOpshelf'a new 9,000 sq ft concept in Clarksville (closed Pier I) and Hendersonville, TN (closed Rite Aid) consisting of non-consumables.
  • Big Lots opened "The Store of the Future" of over 44K sq ft in Tucson, AZ . Showcasing Ownable & Winnable merchandise. There largest store ever.
  • Five Below partnered with Instacart for their "NEW and NOW" addition of their stores catagories and provide same day delivery. They keep expanding across the country filling in the blank areas.
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We Are Significantly Different Than Others

We do not use the same dollar sales figure for each store owned by a chain. Using Kroger as an example, we know that the sales of a Fred Meyer Store are significantly higher than the sales of a Jay C store. Therefore, it does not make sense to use the average sales per store of the total Kroger Company for each of these two widely different retail brands, and for all the other Kroger stores and Kroger brands.

We include convenience store chains that have significant grocery volume: e.g. 7-Eleven, Circle K, Kroger's Kwik Shops and Turkey Hill Minit Markets. There are thousands of these stores, which collectively do billions of dollars in Grocery sales.

We Update And Evaluate Each Company Every Year

We obtain information from a variety of sources, including, but not limited to retailers, wholesalers, the Internet, local market sources, trade associations, and trade media.

Television Coverage

We list the source of television coverage for each metro/micro area. This provides an easy and logical way to evaluate the reach and effectiveness of local television advertising.

Market Statistics On An Index Basis

The figures in this section are on an index basis and show how the market compares to the National Average on a per capita basis (U.S. average equals 100) for selected categories. The figures are projections from U.S. census figures and are provided for informational use only. They cannot be projected into accurate dollar sales figures for any metro area or TV market.

Indexed By Metro Areas Or TV Markets

This is an alphabetical listing of each company in the GUIDE, showing every Metro Area and TV market in which the company has stores. Through the use of this index a subscriber can see how wide a distribution gap is if a retailer does not carry his product. Use this Link to see a sample of this Index: Index of Companies Sample Page

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